We do not send out bills or invoices, offer 'bill me later' or auto-renew. Any order you place with us on our website ends as soon as payment is made via credit card or PayPal and the order is fulfilled. Subsequent renewal notices sent via mail are never sent by us. 

Please note that publishers might mail you renewal reminders when your subscription is close to expiry and sometimes up to 16 weeks. We will only send you a reminder via email and you can renew with us at the discounted rates offered on our website. To locate the publisher's contact information, please go to Magazine Subscriber Services search for the publisher, and use the 'Address Change' link for the customer service page.

We realize that most subscribers do not want to be bombarded with invoices and bills and that is why we never offer 'bill me later' or 'pay later.' We also never offer free trials or highly discounted trial offers of $5 that automatically sign you up for auto-renewals at a higher rate.. These offers come with a continuous service i.e. bills, auto-renewals, etc. 

See samples of auto-renewal disclosures often missed below:

*****We never offer continuous service or auto-renewals or 'Bill me Later.'***** 

There are four ways to pay for your subscription: (1) via credit card (2) PayPal (3) Check (4) Money order. Please note that for check and money order, the subscription will be processed once payment is received. We do not send out invoices by mail and instructions to pay via these two methods are available during checkout.

If you still have questions, please contact us here, however, please note that all we can do is provide you with this information and we are unable to handle the volume of emails sent to us regarding bills and invoices.